The Young Falconers


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The reason i go to the young falconers club is because its something to do on the weekends and I love animals, the reason I stay at the young falconers club is because it will help me in the future  with what I want to do as a job and also because its fun. I’m very interested in the birds and building up my knowledge of birds of prey.

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The reason I joined the young falconers club is because Nick used to show us the birds and I was really interested in them and when he gave me the chance to work with the birds I just had to because they are so fascinating. Another reason I joined is because it gives me an opportunity to travel the U.K and show people how cool birds of prey are.
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I joined the young falconers club because it sounded like a lot of fun, at first I thought I might not of liked it but from the first meeting I’ve really enjoyed it. I like working with the birds,especially flying them and I cant wait for the flying season.
I have been interested in animals all my life and my favourite type of birds are birds of prey.
I wanted to start falconry for several years but didn’t know where to go, then I saw a display by A1 Pegasus hawking and learnt about their young falconers club.I have been doing falconry now for about half a year and am enjoying it. It is improving my knowledge of birds of prey and developing my enthusiasm for wildlife. it is fantastic.

I joined young falconers because I love being close to animals and seeing up close what they do. I spent ages looking for something that would allow me to that, until I found A1. A1 Pegasus Hawking is great and apart from learning and teaching others about the birds you fly and work with, they show you other parts of falconry which are key to keeping birds.