This constitution was adopted April 2008 by

A1 Bird of Prey rehabilitation centre

The objectives of the organisation are:
  1. To rehabilitate birds of prey as quickly as possible and return them to the wild.
  2. To provide immediate veterinary treatment when required and suitable housing for injured and disabled birds of prey ensuring that they are handled by competent persons.
  3. To provide education about birds of prey to all local communities including schools and groups.
  4. To ensure government legislation on any wild birds of prey which cannot be re-introduced back to the wild due to injury or disablement is adhered to.
Membership shall be open to all

Call the A1 Bird of Prey rehabilitation centre at 07940056856 or call your local Wildlife Police Liaison Officer. We will help in any way we can.

Some general steps you can take are:

Carefully catch the bird
Use a pair of heavy gloves—even a weak bird will attempt to defend itself. Approach the bird very slowly and from the front. Cover the bird with a towel, blanket, or jacket, and pick it up, taking care to fold the wings against the body and secure the legs and talons.

Place the bird in a sturdy cardboard box
The box should be just slightly larger than the bird, with ventilation holes and a blanket or towel on the bottom. Keep the box in a warm, dark, quiet place away from children and pets. Do not disturb the bird once placed inside the box.

Do not offer food or water to the bird
The bird may not be strong enough to digest solid food, even if it appears hungry, and feeding could harm or even kill the bird.

Tell the difference with wild and lost birds of prey. Lost (captive bred) birds of prey should have what are known as anklets and jess around the feet area. The jess are long dangling leather straps of which are attached to the anklets that go around the leg. Captive Bred birds of prey should generally have a bell attached to either its tail or its leg. Wild birds of prey will not have either of these furniture's.

If you feel you cannot achieve these general steps, please contact us immediately and we will have someone with you as soon as possible.

If you would like any further information about our Constitution please contact us here.