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What do birds of prey eat?
All birds of prey eat red meat with the only exceptions being the raptors that specialise in white meat, such as the fish eating osprey and the fish eagle.
Where do you get your birds of prey from?
It is illegal to take any bird from the wild including birds of prey so all our birds originate from registered and well established professional breeders, and are all captive bred,(born in captivity).
Where do you keep your birds?
Our birds are kept in custom built aviaries which are designed to be half solid walled or (mewsed) for the birds privacy and protection against inclement weather and half meshed to allow for sunlight and air circulation, not to mention giving the birds good views of the area they are housed and live in.
Do your birds fly free?
Yes, all our birds fly free throughout the year, especially the hawks who love to show off to anyone who cares to watch and who have their very own private flying/training and hunting grounds.
Do the birds take a lot of looking after?
Some species need more attention and specialist care than others but generally speaking all captive bred birds are totally dependent on their keepers and handlers for all their day to day and long term needs, everything from manning (handling) exercising, training, feeding, cleaning, through to individual health requirments. all of which are daily routines and in our opinion (mandatory).
What do you do if you have a sick bird?
We have a comprehensive first aid kit on site where the birds live to cover most basic elements of daily health care, however we also have 24 hour emergency specialist vet cover with a local veterinary practice which specialises in raptor health.
What makes the bird come back to you when you fly it?
The existence and maintaining of a good trust (bond) between bird and hawker & the bird knowing that you are its primary food source.
How many birds do you have?
We currently have 24 birds in the display team.
Where do you get your equipment from?
We make the majority of our day to day items ourselves but specialist equipments are bought in from professional suppliers.
Why shouldn’t i touch a bird of prey’s wings, back or head?
Because in doing so you remove protective natural oils from the birds feathers which are there to help protect  it and keep it water resistant.